Quality and Certifications.

Our activity is people- and environment-centred. Every choice we make is made keeping people and the environment in mind, following the highest quality standards in the industry and operational and economic sustainability. We can pride ourselves on protocols and internal audits and self-regulation systems based on strict ethical and responsibility principles. Though these may be ‘invisible’ details, they are fundamental when it comes to quality.


We have been certified for 15 years according to ISO 9001. Its field of application covers all activities and company divisions. It is an essential requirement to be SOA Certified.
Download quality certification (ISO 9001)

We have been granted the Environment Certification ISO 14001; its field of application covers all activities of the company, with particular attention to the production area, which implies greater complexity of environment issues.
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We have always been sensitive to workers’ safety and health. We are certified according to ISO 45001.
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We produce high-performance bituminous aggregates obtained after recycling milled asphalt. We constantly check environmental impact. We invest in quarry reclamation projects. We reduce energy consumption by means of advanced systems. We control and limit the noise impact generated by our work: For us, protecting the environment is a concrete commitment.


Due to our work, we have built a reputation of high reliability. In order to consolidate it, since 2008 we have implemented an Organisation, management and control model in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree No. 231 of 2001. This is a formal code of values that is the pillar of our ethics.

Fratelli Girardini Srl: Download the Organisation, management and control model

Costruzioni Generali Girardini S.p.A.: Download the Organisation, management and control model