Demolition materials.

We are a demolition material recycling centre. We are authorised to collect this material pursuant to the legislation in force, and we can properly treat it to supply top-quality bituminous aggregates and inert materials to build embankments and road subgrades.
In this way we reduce the use of natural materials and protect the environment.


We manage recycling installations totally in compliance with the standards for protecting health, people and the environment. We check the prevention of fires and we constantly supervise the emissions into the atmosphere. We are authorised to store (R13), select, sort and recycle (R5) special non-hazardous wastes with emissions into the atmosphere and especially:

  • Bituminous mixtures (170302) other than those mentioned in 170301
  • Mixed construction and demolition wastes (170904) other than those mentioned in 170901, 170902 and 170903
  • Concrete (170101)
  • Bricks (170102)
  • Tiles and ceramics (170103)
  • Mixtures of concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramics (170107) other than those mentioned in 170106.